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Discovering the Benefits of Natura for Dog-Friendly Spaces

Jan 5

Discovering the Benefits of Natura for Dog-Friendly Spaces


As pet-friendly spaces become increasingly popular in homes and communities, choosing the right surface for your furry friends is crucial. That's where Natura steps in, offering innovative, eco-friendly solutions that cater to the needs of both pets and their owners.

Natura for Dog Kennels

Natura's offering for dog kennels is nothing short of revolutionary. The hybrid design ensures a natural, comfortable environment for dogs. It's not just about the look; the turf is practical, reducing labor costs due to its ease of installation and minimal maintenance requirements. The design focuses on cleanliness, a critical aspect in kennel environments. Natura has made its mark in various pet businesses and households, providing a range of roll sizes to fit different spaces.

Natura for Dog Parks

Moving onto dog parks, especially in multifamily housing areas, Natura demonstrates its prowess. The turf's mud barrier feature stands out, preventing bare patches and mess, which is a common concern in such areas. This isn't just a cosmetic improvement; it's about creating a more hygienic, enjoyable space for dogs to play and socialize. The introduction of various product sizes, including a new 6' wide roll, shows Natura's commitment to providing versatile solutions. Plus, the Gate Starter Kit is a thoughtful addition, allowing for trial in high-traffic areas.

The General Benefits of Natura

Natura is more than just another artificial grass option. Its unique design promotes the growth of natural grass through it, ensuring that pets interact with a more natural environment. The turf's lightweight and perforated nature make it an excellent choice for yards, as it significantly reduces mud and maintenance. It's designed to withstand urine odors and high temperatures, making it a durable and practical choice for pet owners. Made in the USA, these products are easily accessible and can be ordered online for direct shipping.


Natura is a standout choice for anyone looking to create dog-friendly spaces that are comfortable, clean, and close to nature. Whether it's for a home yard, a dog park, or a kennel, Natura provides a solution that's both practical and environmentally friendly.



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